• By: Allen Brown

Tremblant Cannabis craft hash is finally available in Ontario

Tremblant Cannabis, a sub-division of Laurentian Organic, is teaming up with Ontario Cannabis Store to bring its premium hash to the province in stores and available online this month.

According to the Tremblant Cannabis co-founder and president Eric Brosseau, the company’s craft hashish will be sold with THC levels ranging from 38% to 45%, and it will be sold in Ontario in packages of less than two grams.

Ontario’s cannabis connoisseurs are sure to fall in love with Tremblant Cannabis’s handmade hash products’ rich terpene flavour and unique colour and texture, delivering an unmatched smoking experience.

For anyone still in the dark, hashish is a cannabis concentrate product made by mixing trichomes and oil extracted from marijuana flowers. The result is a dense, brownish substance that can be inhaled using a vaporizer or a hash pipe, or smoked with marijuana, tobacco, or both.

Tremblant Cannabis has already grown to produce some of the most popular and fastest-growing premium hash products sold in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In Quebec, Tremblant Cannabis has already outstripped the competition in terms of popularity and monthly sales and has grown to dominate the market.

Eric Brosseau credits the company’s dedication to the highest quality standards and their carefully refined manufacturing process with Tremblant Cannabis’ continued success and growth.

Furthermore, Brosseau believes that the company earns their customers’ loyalty through quick and effective customer support and responses to feedback, ensuring buyers enjoy doing business with Tremblant Cannabis as much as they enjoy the hash itself.

Tremblant Cannabis is a part of the small but growing group of top-quality craft cannabis growers and premium hashish producers that are bringing AAA quality cannabis products to the Canadian market.

Tremblant Cannabis co-founder, grower, and VP of R&D Mathieu Lahaie started his first company in 2013 and has spent more than a decade perfecting the craft of hash production.

Lahaie relates that he is proud to work alongside some of the most knowledgeable and experienced cultivators in Canada’s nascent cannabis industry. With more than 60 years of combined knowledge and experience, the team has developed a strong culture of knowledge-sharing and research. According to Eric Brosseau, it’s the perfect blend of great people, effective management, and strong teamwork that keeps Tremblant Cannabis at the top of their game.

Tremblant Cannabis is already one of the top cannabis brands in Quebec and is rapidly growing its brand recognition and customer base in Saskatchewan and Manitoba too. The team has received great feedback from their customers and looks forward to exceeding the expectations of Ontario consumers as well. Brusseau is also anticipating the imminent release of its flower product onto the Australian cannabis market. 

For the last three decades, the team at Tremblant Cannabis has been perfecting its production methods to create their vision of the ideal hash product. In doing so, they have combined the traditional with the modern in designing a manufacturing process that brings superb hash products to Canada’s cannabis lovers. With craft hash still a rarity with growing demand in Ontario, the company is very excited about this month’s launch into the province.