What are the benefits of switching to hemp products

Can CBD and Hemp Products Help Human and Animal Health?

Hemp is an amazing resource that we have been using for a long time but is something that governments have been reluctant to allow to be grown freely due to the belief that it is the same as marijuana. Hemp was one of the first recorded domestically grown plants dating back thousands of years dating back to the Neolithic period in China.

Whilst it was a heavily harvested crop throughout America in the early colonization days, known for its durability and as a good natural renewable source of material. Used for making paper, clothes, textiles and extremely durable for the making of cordage it was replaced by newer technologies.

But now hemp is being used for many other products and farmers are starting to realize the value of growing hemp offers. The health and beauty industry is one of the leading fields in using hemp and especially CBD based products, Green Roads CBD products are a leading manufacturer of cosmetics for men and women.

The Health Benefits for Consumers Using CBD Products

CBD has a whole range of benefits for us all. Ranging from medicinal purposes to making us look good. Here are some examples of why we should consider these products:

  1. CBD derived from hemp can help reduce pain from mild headaches which we all suffer from to help patients after an accident.
  2. The calming effects can also be used to help with insomnia and ensure a good night’s sleep which many of us with our lifestyle do not get enough of.
  3. Helping to cure and prevent acne. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help reduce the number of natural oils that our skin produces causing acne.
  4. CBD has been proven to help with certain mental health issues, schizophrenia, and psychosis issues have been helped by the use of CBD oils and CBD Capsules have helped many people.
  5. Helps to reduce blood pressure which is a major factor in cardiovascular disease, even taking one CBD capsule a day can help to reduce strokes and heart disease.
  6. CBD can also help to reduce Diabetes by reducing beta-cells in the pancreas.

It has been proven that CBD can have many health benefits and with trials still ongoing in many countries we can expect more positive results.

The Different CBD Products for our Pets

Our pets are by many considered to be family members and should be taken care of with as much care as we look after ourselves and our family. Cats and dogs are the most popular pets we have around the home and require regular visits to a local veterinarian to help maintain their health. There are many home options to help maintain their health and many are CBD based.

Much the same way CBD has proven to be beneficial to humans dogs can also enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Dog chews are an excellent way to introduce CBD to older animals which can help reduce stress, help solve anxiety issues, nausea, inflammation of the joints, and help with any digestion issues your dog may have.

Ask your local veterinarian for advice when buying CBD oils and shampoos.

Hemp and how can we use it more?

As we know hemp and industrial hemp have many different applications and are considered by many to be the most versatile plants we can grow and harvest. Being twice as strong as cotton, softer than cotton, and using much less water consumption. Also, hemp requires no pesticides, herbicides, and only a small amount of fertilizer is needed to grow compared to cotton for example. All types of paper can be made with hemp and are much longer-lasting, potentially hundreds of years, requiring much less land than trees, growing at a much more sustainable rate.

One of the many uses and by-products of hemp is CBD oil which has so many applications and many yet to be developed for our use.

The Benefits to the Environment of Using Hemp

Forests and the air we breathe are linked, acting as a natural air filter and removing carbon emissions that are mostly man-made. But, as we continue as a race to speed up the destruction of the environment the natural world cannot heal itself at this pace. Trees can take years to grow but hemp can be harvested in 120 days with the correct growing conditions.

Hemp production also helps to reduce soil erosion due to the relentless logging which can have a disastrous effect on communities that can experience landslides and the pollution of their water supplies from the run-off soil. The hemp seed oil also produces nontoxic paint, varnish, diesel, detergents, and ink. Making it one of the most eco-friendly products on the market.

In the United States alone there are millions of wild hemp plants but due to government restrictions due to its extremely low THC content farmers are not freely able to grow hemp even though it is not anything like regular marijuana.

What Does the Future Hold for CBD?

The future of CBD products is reliant on government regulation which many are still reluctant to allow the growth of the hemp needed to provide CBD. The industry is currently worth about 1 billion dollars and is expected at the current projection is that the market will be worth globally over 5 billion in 5 years time.

One of the reasons for this is the repeat nature of customers once they have seen the benefits to themselves and others. Negative attitudes toward CBD are declining and many people are more accepting of the idea and willing to try a natural product. If regulations are lifted the numbers of patients and beauty products will surely rise.


CBD and hemp have so many qualities that cannot be ignored both for humans and animals. As a civilization, we have been using both for thousands of years and we should still be using them and trying to develop with our new technologies more and more uses that we still haven’t discovered.