Why George Pickens is such an Important Player

George Pickens might not yet have played a game for the Pittsburgh Steelers but the former Georgia football player is already taking the NFL world by storm. With some impressive stats under his belt, the coaching team at the Steelers will have been keen to add him to their roster; after all, the strength of the team is one that relies on everyone in the team bringing their A-game to every game.

A Look at George Pickens

Within the practice shows for the NFL so far Pickens has shown some incredible moves which have shown the world of sport the talent that he has. Considering people were unsure what his 2022 performance would be like following an ongoing injury, he’s made an incredible start. Pickens has had a chequered past and social media is full of videos from past games where fans have been encouraged to dissect his performance. Whilst Pickens might not always get it right, what you can see is his passion for the game and the effort he puts into making every play count. No wonder NFL odds site stats are putting him high on the betting tables!

The Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have an impressive track record, especially with Super Bowl performances and so they’ll have been pleased to have snagged Pickens for the 2022 league. With his past performances and how he has performed in the practices, many NFL fans have him firmly in the one-to-watch category this year. The coaching team at the Steelers have been around for some time and clearly has been working on obtaining players that are up to scratch and their snagging of George Pickens is no exception.

What Do Sports Experts Say?

Santonio Holmes recently spoke to Betway Casino about all things football, including the Steelers and what he thinks of players in the league for this year. One thing he has talked about is Pickens' ability to play inside and outside, which makes him a dual threat – and this is what helps secure his place as one of the most important players on the team. Going on to talk further about Pickens, he says “He's becoming a pro. Obviously, his name has been talked about, and for good reason. I'm excited to see what he brings to the table this year. There are a lot of weapons on the field, but keeping guys healthy, starting with the O-line up front, being able to protect Trubisky, giving him a chance to read his targets. Each of those guys has to play off each other's back. Don't go in with the mindset of being selfish, it's all about playing together as a group.”

Holmes clearly sees Pickens has an important player for the Steelers this year and his performance so far has only helped secure that feeling for many people. Of course, no one can say for sure what any year of NFL games will look like, but the Steelers will certainly be hoping for a successful one and many have hopes pinned on Pickens that he’ll be pivotal in helping to make that happen.

Photo: Unsplash